Elio and Miggy talk about music of Cinque and Colorful

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Early birds, mark your calendar! 7:30am - 8:30am of Tuesday, Dec 29th (EST)   I will be talking about music from my latest album Colorful (ArtistShare NYC) together with Maestro Elio Villafranca who released "Cinque", which is epoch-making, impactful, and shockingly beautiful - AND nominated for 61st Grammy Award!!! This album is also from ArtistShare. We'll dig deep into this amazing project too!   It will be available on Facebook live. So access Elio's or my facebook wall at 730am of 29th. See you soon!   Migiwa's

*If you use Japanese I am also doing another section of this talkshow from 6am-8am EST/ 8pm -9pm in Japanese time ;-) It will also be available on FB live!