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Finalist In ISC 2017  

Honored and happy. 😍 Just received this email.

My piece "Captain Miggy's Age Of Discovery" is selected as a finalist in ISC 2017.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH again for all the amazing musicians and professionals worked together to record it - especially soloists on this piece Mr. Ben Kono 🎷and Mr. Sam Dillon 🎷. 


Good news is we'll be releasing this piece along with 8 other original pieces of mine soon - probably this summer. 

Please keep your eyes on us! 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 



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BMI jazz composers workshop annual showcase concert 

Migiwa joined the 27th BMI jazz composers workshop annual showcase concert on June 25th, Thu, as a finalist for the BMI/Charlie Parker competition.
Please enjoyed the movie from the concert. 

"Hope for Hope" Migiwa Miyajima played by the BMI/NY Jazz Orchestra

Migiwa was on the Japanese news paper "Shukan NY Seikatsu" (weekly Ny life) about this concert.

Migiwa's original tune is chosen for the wonderful saxophone player Steve Wilson's new album. 

Migiwa's original tune "If I Were A Wind of Spring" is chosen for the wonderful / world famous saxophone player Steve Wilson's new album "The Vanguard Sessions" coming in March, 2015. It is recorded at the legendary Jazz club The Village Vanguard in May, 2014 as a live recording with his group "Wilsonian's Grain". Please visit Steve's website for more information. 宮嶋みぎわのオリジナル曲が、世界的に有名な素晴らしいサックス奏者スティーブ・ウィルソン氏の新しいアルバム「ザ・ヴァンガード・セッション」(バンド名はウィルソニアンズ・グレイン)に収録される1曲として選ばれました。同アルバムは2014年5月に名門ジャズクラブ「ヴィレッジ・ヴァンガード」でライ…Read more