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" While many people like to classify everything by categories, Miyajima sees the future of jazz as going beyond any borders and creating music across genres and styles."
- Jane Kozhevnikova - All About Jazz, 2022

"Colorful. That’s the most accurate description for award-winning BMI jazz composer Migiwa “Miggy” Miyajima. From her music to her personality to the title of her new album, the word “colorful” says it all. "
- Dana Rodriguez - BMI's MusicWorld, 2017


"As for her desire to lead a big band, she says, “I like to do things in big groups. There are more people, so it goes deeper. It takes more time and you face more complicated issues with players, but when you accomplish the goal with them, that’s always profound.”
- Dan Ouellette - Billboard Magazine, 2019  "How Asia-Born, U.S.-Based Women Are Ushering In a New Big Band Era"


Album - COLORFUL - 

"Miggy defies big band orthodoxies, creating pieces that revel in time shifts (accelerando and decelerando), multiple strains that do not adhere to standard song forms and complex or contrapuntal backgrounds for soloists. "
- George Kanzler - NYC Jazz Record, 2019 (page 30) 

"vibrant, urgently swinging music, documented to great effect on the group’s debut album." 
David R. Adler - Bandcamp, 2019  "A Beginner’s Guide to Contemporary Jazz From Japan"

"With stunning arrangements and unbridled intellectual energy she layers melodic fragments and juxtaposes swing tropes with free jazz and neo-classical musics creating an amalgam both familiar and outlandishly different."   
- KUCI - radio, 2018 

"Miyajima displays, humor, wistfulness, nervous anxiety, and calm reflection sometimes all in the same piece of music. "  
- KUCI - radio, 2018 

Miggy Augmented Orchestra

"What may be unique to her is her clarity in condensing the spirit of her compositions and arrangements into her brief descriptions to share with the audience. It is an enriching additional layer on top of what is already an exciting big band project. "
-  Dan Bergsagel - LONDON Jazz News, 2019 


Samurai Jazz Project

"The reason why we incorporated jazz with the Japanese traditional sword performance Tate is because we can symbolically express diversity and inclusion in it," Miyajima says. "People who are not used to mixing different cultures may wonder if that is going to work. We need to break through the fear to create a diverse environment. "
- Yoshiko Sugimoto - Shueisha OUR AGE, 2021 
"ジャズと殺陣を掛け合わせたのは、そこに多様性(ダイバーシティ)と包括性(インクルージョン)を象徴的に表現できるから。異文化のミックスって、それに慣れていない人たちは、「大丈夫?」「うまくいくんだろうか?」と警戒しがちですよね。でもその壁を打ち破れば、多様性と包括性に繋がります。" - 杉本佳子
- 集英社Our Age掲載, 2021 


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