Kotetsu - Vocal, Trombone, Composer
Naomu Soeda - Sax, Flute, Composer
Migiwa Miyajima - Piano, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Project Leader
Yosuke Terao - Bass

Say hi to KYMN (Ka-I-M) from Tokyo, Japan! 

KYMN bridges diverse Musical backgrounds and delivers the message of oneness over the divisions we face in real life.

Formed in Tokyo in 2023, KYMN (Ka-I-M) is an acoustic jazz-pop quartet that blends jazz with the elements of classical music, soul music, and the Japanese city pop of the 1980s. KYMN's lyrics, written in both English and Japanese, reflect a culture of mutual support that originated in their native Japan. KYMN aims to empower those who are overworked in modern life through their music and motivate them to live authentic and fulfilled lives.



US and International - Aya Kobayashi (EM music) 

Japan - Miyuki Haga (Sixth Sense)

Tokyo, NY, Jazz and Pop 視聴



KOTETSU, Vocal and Trombone 副田整歩 Naomu Soeda, Saxophone and Flute 宮嶋みぎわ Migiwa "Miggy" Miyajima, Composer, Pianist, Producer 寺尾陽介 Yosuke Terao, Bass

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