10 Years and Counting

Have you ever seen what “resilience” looks like in real life?

Japanese immigrant composer, Migiwa Miyajima, highlights stories of Japan’s 2011 earthquake survivors and her own journey through her music and a quote book.

本当の話の中には、本当の美しさが詰まっています。東日本大震災を経験した方々・東日本大震災で人生に変化があった方、合計15人へのインタビューを元に音楽とミニブックをつくるプロジェクト「Unbreakable Hope and Resilience」では人が持つ本当の強さや美しさを伝えます。こちらはNY在住のジャズ作曲家宮嶋みぎわが実施する同プロジェクトの進捗報告ページです。

10 years and counting - Unbreakable Hope and Resilience  (希望と力 - 10年、そしてこれから)のメイキングビデオです。YOUTUBEの字幕機能を使うと日本語字幕付きでご覧いただけます。

With support from The Jerome Foundation and The ​NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre by the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in association with The New York Foundation for the Arts.  同プロジェクトは、ジェローム基金とNY市の女性芸術家支援基金のサポートを受けています。

Our team チーム一同


Composer / Bandleader: Migiwa Miyajima

Trumpets and Flugelhorns: Dan Urness, David Smith, Matt Holman, Rachel Therrien

Trombones: John Mosca, Jason Jackson, Jennifer Wharton (bass trombone), Douglas Purviance (bass trombone)

Reeds: Ben Kono (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet), Alejandro Aviles (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet), Sam Dillon (tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet), Quinsin Nachoff (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Carl Maraghi (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet)

Rhythm Section: Pete McCann (guitar), Migiwa Miyajima (piano), Yosuke Terao (bass), Jared Schonig (drums)



Kyohmi Takahashi - She lost her parents in the tsunami. After struggling with depression, she became a storyteller/lecturer and now shares her thoughts on what she experienced.

Kazemaru Chiba - Kyohmi’s son. After finding his grandmother's body in the wake of the tsunami, he began helping his mother with her storyteller work. He has dedicated his life to rebuilding a supportive society for those affected by the disaster. 

Akira Sato - He is the pastor from the church closest to the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. His church included around 200 members. After sirens announced the coming tsunami, church members were taken to different evacuation camps. The government shut down the town because of radioactive contamination. They lost their homes, cars, and property at once, and could never return to live there.  

Takayuki Yoshinaga -  He moved to Namie-Machi where he helped rebuild communication systems after tsunami damage. He is currently employed by the city of Kobe, which sustained significant earthquake damage 25 years ago.

Yuko Miyajima - Migiwa's mother. Her town was hit by the earthquake and many families lost their homes. She developed cancer 5 years after the earthquake.

Migiwa Miyajima - A year after the disaster, in 2012, Migiwa was awarded a grant from the Japanese government to pursue her music in New York City. She struggled with the fact that she was using government funds while many survivors needed financial help.

... more interviewees will be added.



Artistic Strategy Consultant: Toru Atobe (Kukiyomi Inc.) 



Executive Producer: Saori Kawano  

Producer: Migiwa Miyajima 

Mixing Engineer: Jay Messina 

Assistant Engineer: Peter Lin 

Voice File Editor Naomu Soeda 

Advisor: Mike Holober 

Music preparation: Yu Nishiyama 



Designer/Art Director: Tetsuya Hoshino 

Illustrator: Nao Sakamoto 

Translation Advisor: Midori Larsen 

Language Consultant: Remy Le Boeuf, Quinsin Nachoff 



Video Director: Yuko Ishikawa

Videographer: Yuko Ishikawa, Hanae Uchida, Go Nemoto

Photographer: Hayato Sakurai

Make up artist: Aya Kudo

Hair Stylist: Emi Agio